Real World Breakthroughs: Small Drone Remote Sensing in Humanitarian Mine Action

This is the presentation by John Fardoulis of Mobility Robotics from April 22nd, 2021 during the ICRC and GICHD webinar on: The Use of Remote Sensing and AI in the Mine Action Sector.

The presentation takes an in-depth look at breakthroughs using thermal imaging to find buried landmines from small drones in a desert environment, plus a more general look at the state of small drone remote sensing in humanitarian mine action (HMA).

Breakthoughs took place as part of the Odyssey 2025 Project which was delivered together with Humanity & Inclusion/Handicap International, under the auspices of the High Commission for Deming in Chad, the HCND, funded by the Belgian Department of Foreign Affairs and the European Commission.

Tech for Good: Thermal Technology for Locating Buried Landmines

We’re pleased to announce that sensor manufacturer FLIR Systems will be supporting our research and the humanitarian mine action sector more generally – to help improve methods using thermal technology for locating landmines and explosive remnants of war that cause human suffering and contaminate land decades after conflicts have ceased.

FLIR Systems will assist with technical support, outreach and discounts under their Conservation Discount Program.

You can read more about how thermal technology can locate buried landmines on the FLIR website.

Drones for Minefield & UXO Cleanup in the Desert of Tchad

We’ve officially commenced a new project where Mobility Robotics will be a partner conducting field trials and capacity building for minefield and explosive remnants of war cleanup using small commercial drones/UAS’s in the central African country, the Republic of Chad.
It is a project being led by Humanity and Inclusion (Handicap International) Belgium, funded by the Belgium DGD, the Directorate General Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

It will be a challenging project, with a significant proportion of operations based in a harsh desert environment.

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